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Sliding pucks

Crash Test Dummies - Black pucks

If you suffer from:
– Melting pucks (high speed affects some)
– Snagging pucks (sharp edges + rough terrain does that)
– Quick wear (thin pucks)
– Caught fingers (ouch!)
– Worn glove fingertips (eventually… ouch!)

Then you owe it to yourselves to give these ones a try.

Thick, to:
– Hold a larger bevel for a smoother slide on rough surfaces
– Help keep your fingertips away
– Last longer

Large, to:
– Keep a flat surface and avoid “point” wear. Helps them wear flat and keep that Bevel.
– Be supported by the strong part of your palm (see below)
– Be able to “rock” on your palm base (properly positioned slightly towards the wrist, as some will have discovered)

Made from pure UHMWPE, a material which lasts a long time, not only because of its thickness, but because it deforms rather than wear. A rock in the asphalt will tend to “push” material aside rather than scrape a groove. You’ll see. They also have a very neutral feeling. They don’t get “sticky” when hot and have a consistent feel at slower or higher speeds.

And… they’re reversible!
When you eventually wear out that bevel, just flip them. Use that other bevel at the base. Just slap some velcro on the worn side and you can rock that smooth bevel again.

Mega (100 x 22 mm)

The original puck for those with bigger hands… You’re da man! Having said that, some with smaller hands prefer these too!

Maxi (90 x 22 mm)

Still big compared to the rest, will let you enjoy the features even if your hands aren’t monster-sized.

Racing (90 x 17 mm)

Still 90 mm, but only single bevel and 17 mm thick. Not reversible but still thicker than the rest for extra finger clearance and with that awesome bevel that will make sure you don’t get caught up in road imperfections.

Mini (80 x 14 mm)

The smallest. 80 mm, but only single bevel and 14 mm thick and not reversible.